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I'll never say "I love you" [entries|friends|calendar]

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[21 Oct 2005|12:51pm]

didn't see that coming did you.
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Elevator Lady [10 May 2004|10:38pm]
yeah, i got me a new livejournal. levitated

I said i'd be a few months. I wasn't even gone a week. HOW SAD AM I?

Add away. Or don't if ya don't wanna.
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[26 Apr 2004|11:35pm]
[ mood | PRIDE! ]


To the left of this photo resides a rather cool looking girl in funky 3D glasses known as Laura AKA Drabqueen AKA the god of a guitarist in ma band.

I have no real reason to post this, but i feel an immense swell of pride, like a father watching it's child walk in for it's first day of school.


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[24 Jun 2003|11:14pm]

though if you add me/comment/come up to me in the street and say "do you have a livejournal, can i add you?" (the last option has never actually happened, but maybe one day)...Well, i will no doubt add you back. Good day.
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[ mood | wine gums ]

Today at about 3pm i took a trip to the shops to buy some coca cola and milk (trust me it gets better). On the way there, i group of around six children, who couldn't of been older than 12, shouted abuse such as "tramp", "goth", and "freak" at me.

These children were quite ignorent, i mean fair enough, if i was a goth, then call me one, yes? I was in a green army top, long black flares and had a couple of those plastic bangle things on each wrist.

I didn't actually respond in any way, though thoughts began running through my mind as to what i felt like doing. Has anyone seen "28 days later?" Well i won't spoil it for those that have not seen it, but if you have, do you remember the scene close to the end where he kills the (cuntish) army guy in possibly the coolest sickest way i've ever ever seen? Well that was what i wanted to do to the oldest child there (who looked like a midget neo-nazi).

Disturbed? Me?

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[22 May 2003|11:45am]
filmsCollapse )
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A long time ago, we used to be friends [29 Apr 2003|12:45pm]
Well not much has happened over the last few days...Erm, Fay texted a few times saying she can't wait to see me on Thursday at Kinesis, and i went back to college yesterday. However, i was meant to go to an AS politics revision confrence thing and i totally forgot about it. I only remembered today, and that was when my History teacher said "why didn't you go to the politics thing yesterday?"
I made a complete show of myself and went "Oh Bollocks" really loud because it means that i am probably going to have to pay Andy (politics teacher) about £15 quid for not going. I might not though, cos he's a cool guy and he'll believe that i did genuinly forget. It might be out of his hands though, so i might have ta pay...
Well im gonna go down to the Astoria after college to visit Laura outside the queue for the Cooper Temple Clause who are playing there tonight. So we'll prolly just talk a bit then ill go home and revise. Oh yeah i started that yesterday, found some cool revision sites and started taking notes and whatnot.
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[27 Apr 2003|03:20pm]

Battle Imp

Who's your battle imp?

Backstabbing: 5

Dodgin': 7

Guts: 5

Magic Mojo: 2

Smackdown: 2


Will your battle imp beat Phillip's?
Enter your name and fight.

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Drive my car into the Ocean... [27 Apr 2003|01:47am]
uh huhCollapse )

Went to Camden with Tom and Jack. Jack now has pink hair. Which is nice.
We looked everywhere for a cool pair of navy blue flared jeans. Couldnt find any that i liked (picky bastard). So we went to Oxford Street, and then onto Carnaby Street. Oh yeah, by the way, i saw the singer out of the rather crap band The Beatings in Camden. But yeah, Carnaby Street, last shop i looked in had a pair i liked, so woo me!

Found out Arsenal threw away the league to Bolton when i got home. Bloody Arsenal, its not fair.

Then earlier on i found out that Jess got beaten up outside the Kinesis gig in Nottingham tonight by a bunch of fucking townies. I am so so angry. I literally want to rip these people's eyeballs out and set the sockets on fire. Its not fair, its so not.
When i texted Jess she said she was ok and seemed more concerned with missing the Kinesis gig. She might of broken her nose, but i dunno for sure.

So tomorrow is my last day until i go back for my last month or so at college till my exams. I just better not fuck it all up.
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[22 Apr 2003|12:20am]
[ mood | pleased ]

me and fay msn convoCollapse )

Anyway, we are going on Wednesday, and possibly Thursday, and possibly friday. Again to Hyde Park, and again for more x-rated kissing.

Tomorrow, Jason comes to stay for a few days. He apparantly has learnt a bit of guitar, so seeing as i have an acoustic and an electric, we can do blue album weezer songs together and they can sound like, really accurate, maybe.

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Well... [21 Apr 2003|07:17pm]
So i met Fay in Virgin at about 1. She was wearing some really cool manga longsleve top thing. Shes so cool.
Anyway, we looked around Virgin for a bit, and we were just talking about gigs and school and stuff, just general chit chat.
Then we got on the bus to go to Hyde Park. We were all hugging and kissing and stuff. It felt really nice, it was like "wow, this is how it feels to have a girlfriend" because i haven't felt like that for so long.
So we got to Hyde Park, and for the next four and a half hours, we just kissed and groped and whispered in each others ears (Me: "Your so pretty", Fay: "Your so hot"). She is an absolutly amazing kisser and she was like, woah, amazing. She was sucking my fingers like they were somthing else and all these people were going past looking, but she didn't give a shit! Wow.
Well, when we eventually stopped, my lips were totally numb and i was struggling not to slur my words. She said that she might not have Friday off now though, but she doesn't know for sure yet. I hope she does though, heh.
I didn't take my camera for reasons of it might of freaked her out, but i will next time and show all you lovely people, oh yes.

Ah, im so happy...
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[21 Apr 2003|01:39am]
ruuuuude quizCollapse )

less than 12 hours away, until i see fay. Im shitting it yet at the same time looking forward to it.
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black white trash [20 Apr 2003|04:34pm]
Went to Oxford Street with Tom. We both just looked around, but in one of the music shops i found the Maladroit Weezer tab book. I had no money whatsoever (remember im saving for Monday) so i couldn't get it. Me wants to learn the Dope Nose solo :(
Came home to find that my sister was doing her food tech GCSE coursework and they had got new batteries for the digicam so they could take pics of her "stuffed pepper". This means that i can now nick the camera tommorow and use it to take lots of lovely photos for all of you people to see. However i might not, as Fay might think im a bit of a wierdo taking photos of her and stuff on our first proper "date" (ugh, hate that word).
Well my Dad gave me £40 to buy new Jeans. Ill only need about £30 of that, so im gonna go to Camden next saturday and buy a nice pair of stupidly long jeans.

Went football with Nathan, David and various people from secondary school, some of which i had not seen since August last year. I don't think any of them have changed that much, to be honest, which is quite sad, in some ways.
I was never very good at football, infact, i'm pretty shit at all sports and just wanted to go home almost as soon as we started playing. I held out though and after about an hour we left.

I'm really nervous about tommorow. I know im gonna say somthing stupid, or theres gonna be loads of awkward silences that will be my fault. I'm gonna fuck it up, i just know it. Gah...
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[19 Apr 2003|11:08pm]
just passing the time...Collapse )
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...Back and to the left... [18 Apr 2003|11:22pm]
Well, i texted Fay last night about the shopping/going to the park thing on Monday, and so it appears thats what we shall be doing this coming Monday.
Also we chatted very briefly on MSN.

Well anyway, today has been quite eventful considering i stayed at home all day.
Our Tax's have fucked up and they aren't being payed properly or something, and we got a letter this morning or yesterday saying that if the taxes arn't gonna get payed soon, they'll send the bailiffs round. This shits me up completely. The most expensive item i can think of that we have in the house is my guitar, which when brought was worth about £650. Chances are it will all get sorted before they "send the boys round", but it still shits me up none the less.

Speaking of guitary-ness, i came up with a mental ATD-I style guitar riff thingy with chords to go with it and then a heavy bit as well. Its in the early stages, but its set to rock the house, oh yes.

Also my mum gave me a tenner, which was lovely of her, and she also hinted that father would give me some cash to buy new jeans. Woohoo! This is good because the tenner will be good enough for monday i think, and also i get new jeans. \m/

Mother is watching the English patient. Seems a bit shit.
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[17 Apr 2003|05:06pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Looks like me and fay are going out on Monday then...
She texted me earlier saying she has tommorow off, monday off and next friday too. Now i want to see her soon, but i don't wanna come across as like, desperate, so i thought Monday is the best option.
But see, i dunno what to do! Where can i take her? I'd like to note that i am currently broke, as my last £10 in the world has just gone on phone credit. I am barely gonna be able to afford a travel card for the tubes!
So anyway, what do you suggest i do on Monday? A park in london or somthing (if the weather is like this, obviously), (window) shopping in oxford street? Any suggestions, no matter how wild, will be appreciated.
Well, in other news, fuck all has happened today, im just either playing guitar, PS2, or listening to dissolvedgirl_'s MD she gave me on Tuesday. Fabulous.

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[17 Apr 2003|02:26am]
quizzeseseCollapse )

im very tired. And horny. Heh
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Pictures i took yesterday before i went out... [16 Apr 2003|03:50pm]
looking rather scary...

i look drunk

I look very drunk, when i actually am not...

Joey Tribiani

My best Joey Tribiani impression. Always wins over the ladies. I did it to ellebabez and she wrote this spontanious poem...:p

someone tell me why i do the things that i dont wanna do, when you're around me, im somebody else says:
phil is sexy, phil is cool, hes a hit with the ladies so much so... they want his body , they like his hair, when theyre with him its like walking on air

Genius i tell you, sheer genius.
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[16 Apr 2003|01:38am]
also, this time last week, i had only ever kissed one girl proper ever, and that was nearly 2 years ago.
Today, i have kissed two more girls in under a week. How wierd.
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... [16 Apr 2003|12:07am]
[ mood | tispy... ]

I left the house at about 6.30 and got to Camden at about 7. So i got in the barfly at about 10 past 7, and found that no one was in there (except for the staff, of course).
Anyway, sat and read "The Fly" for a bit, then dissolvedgirl_ showed up and gave me a lovely blue mini-disc with even lovelier songs on it (though they might be shit, im yet to listen to it). Anyway, we talked a bit and waited for Fay (who said she'd show up at about 8) and then we went upstairs to the gig area.
Oh by the way, while talking to Lauren, im pretty sure i spotted the bassist out of Seafood wander in. He has blonde hair. But yes, celebrities, woo...anyway...
It was about 8 and i was starting to get worried. I thought i was gonna get a text any minuite from Fay saying "sorry, i cant come" like before. I think Lauren could see my fear and i was getting more and more worried. Luckily, she showed up at about 8.30, (in a red KNS top, woo) and yeah, i was all happy then. She was also alone (wayhey!).
Anyway, we actually didnt talk much (but that was my shy self at work), until, however, i got a drink for myself and her and we got a bit more chatty. Im going on a bit, when i have totally missed out the band that played previous to my drinking...
SPAN. Fucking excellent. They were SO fucking cool. Lauren certainly wasn't telling porkies when she said they rocked. Absolutly amazing. Ill see them again, i know that.
Anyway, Lauren left after Span, so i was left alone with Fay.
We talked a bit more, and then Vendetta Red came on.
A bit shit, to be honest. The singer kept coming out to the crowd and bumping into people. A bit of a nutter. Also they brought up the "George Bush sucks" thing and you sort of got the feeling they just did it to raise a few cheers. The guitar player/keyboardist was dead sexy though.
Well, after they finished the singer came up to us and chatted to us a bit. I think he was increadibly nice and said thanks for staying down the front. I felt bad for thinking they were shit, cos he was a lovely bloke.
Fay then had to go home cos she has revision lessons tommorow (Boo) so we walked to Chalk Farm tube and just talked a bit more.
Also i wasn't drunk, i only had two drinks, and Fay also had two drinks too, so she wasn't drunk either.

So, we waited for the tube, and i held out my hands and we hugged. It felt really nice.
Then we kissed.
Gosh it was so beautiful. She has such nice soft lips. Mmm, goodness it was beautiful. Then we hugged and waited a few minutes for the train, and we got on and played with each others fingers...mmm.
Also she was like, breathing really deep and stuff, so i think that was a sign that she liked me. Yaaa.
So we got off at Kings Cross and we had to split paths. We kissed more, and this time she was like, jesus, really passionate. It was the best kiss i ever got. She was like, stroking my hair with her fingers and kissing me really deep and sort of moaning as well. Christ it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
Then i asked if we were going out and she said "i dunno" but i said "i dont care actually, as long as we can do that again next time" and then we did another kiss. Woo.
Then we split paths and went home.
I feel all happy. But shes got revision lessons all for the two weeks and is working at the weekend, so i wont get to see her until KNS on the 1st, probably.
But yes, im like, really over the moon and a bit tipsy. But good. Mmm.

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